Crystal Valley Dairy Farm 

Mike and Rhonda Yoder

Example of Farm Management Practices

We use a double cropping program to help control weeds and better utilize the cow manure produced at the dairy farm.  The program begins with  harvesting a spring forage crop of triticale, cow manure is then applied, the fields are tilled and planted to corn for silage.  The herbicide rate used in our fields is now down to 1/4 the label rate and the only added commercial fertilizer is one gallon of Growers mineralized fertilizer. Primarily all the nutrients the corn and triticale crops require are derived from the dairy cow manure. After corn silage harvest, manure is again applied, triticale seeded, and the cycle begins again.

Soil health is a priority for our farms.  Fully utilizing the manure and having a crop continually growing promotes healthy soil.  Healthy soils mean healthy plants, which then translates into better utilization of soil nutrients and no need for applications of insecticides or fungicides.  Below is a short video illustrating this program





Spring Trillium Bloom in the Farm Woods





Yoder Farm - Mike & Rhonda Yoder

Mike and Rhonda Yoder


Farm Pond 




Oak tree and sunlight framed photo


200-Year Old Mighty Oak Tree